At Oral Surgery Clinics, we perform specialist surgery of the face, mouth and jaws, including:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental extractions
  • Orthodontic extractions and tooth uncovering
  • Dental implants and jaw reconstruction in preparation for dental implants
  • Jaw surgery to correct jaw alignment and facial profile
  • Salivary gland surgery
  • Surgery for oral pathology, including jaw cysts and soft tissue swelling
  • Surgery for trauma to the face, mouth and jaws
  • Diagnosis and management of oral disease, including tumours and growths
  • TMJ therapies

We offer our patients the choice of having their procedure performed under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation anaesthesia in our clinic, or under general anaesthesia in selected private hospitals.


Conscious Sedation Anaesthesia at Oral Surgery Clinics

Our modern, fully equipped Conscious Sedation Anaesthesia facility at Armadale provides our patients with the opportunity to undergo many procedures under intravenous sedation. This treatment option is also known as twilight sedation, conscious anaesthesia, and sleep surgery/sleep dentistry.

We utilise the services of fully qualified specialist medical anaesthetists to ensure your comfort and safety. With the use of modern, short-acting intravenous sedatives, your procedure can be performed in a manner that provides you with both relaxation and comfort. Many patients have very little, if any, recall of their procedure. We use computerised anaesthetic techniques that maximise your safety and comfort and minimise your recovery time.

The sedation technique offered at Oral Surgery Clinics enables a safe, early discharge after completion of your surgery. There are considerable time savings with conscious sedation at our centre, compared with an admission to a mainstream hospital for a day surgery procedure, and in most cases there are also cost benefits.

Talk with your surgeon to see if you are suitable for conscious sedation anaesthesia at Oral Surgery Clinics.

Download the Anaesthetist Bylaws.

Facial & Oral Surgery Clinics

Facial & Oral Surgery Clinics